How To Increase Your Productivity Using The Productivity Planner

If you are anything like me, there are some days you are very productive, and you feel self-accomplished, but then you have days you aren’t nearly as productive. We can sometimes get caught up in being “busy” in things that don’t matter, instead of spending time on things that do. So I was searching for an app or product that will help me stay productive every day, not just some days. I came across The Productivity Planner, and it sounded Read More

How To Get Motivated Right Now

This post contains affiliate links. You can read full disclosure policy here. Even if you are a positive and an optimistic person, there will be days when you will feel unmotivated and like doing nothing at all. Have you been feeling this way lately? We all feel that way at times and it can be hard to get excited and motivated again when you are being weighed down by this negative feeling. So I wanted to help you out by sharing Read More

8 Things You Can Do To Better Your Life

This post contains affiliate links. You can read full disclosure policy here. If you want to better your life, there are things that you will have to change to improve it. Even though it might be difficult to change all of these at once, you can start with one at a time and then continue to another. I am excited to share these with you because I am sure it will help you better your life and you will feel Read More

7 Best Time Management Tips To Get More Done Faster

Time goes by so fast, so it’s great to learn new time management tips to help you get more done faster to be able to do what you actually want. Like, spend time with family, going out with friends, etc. We are all busy with our overbooked daily schedules that we find it hard to find time for essential things in life. Today I will be sharing with you seven best time management tips to get more done faster, and Read More

Friendship Quotes To Celebrate Your Best Friend

This is a guest post by Shari’s Berries Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes and can be felt in so many different ways. Whether it’s In our relationships, our friendships or in ourselves, making yourself happy is an important part of this crazy thing we call life. One way to create happiness is by doing something for someone else! It’s no secret that life can test us at times and every once in a while it’s important to remind Read More

7 Ways To Love The Home You Have

Whether you live in a small house, apartment, condo or just a room. You can turn your home into a place that you truly love. Today I will be giving you 7 ways to love the home you live in by just doing simple things that will help you feel happier in your home and truly enjoy being there. It feels good to change things up in your home and make it a place where you feel happy, safe and Read More

10 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care

I know you have a busy life and the last thing on your mind is to practice self-care. We can sometimes get so busy that we don’t even remember the last time we actually took some time off. Although I love being productive and accomplishing my goals, I also know how important it is to practice self-care. Self-care is necessary for our overall wellbeing. Ask yourself: When was the last time I took some time off for myself? If you have Read More

15 Tips To Help Someone Turn A Bad Day Around

This is a guest post by Julissa Arangure from Shari’s Berries  If a friend or family member is having a rough day, it can often be difficult to know just how you can cheer them up! What if your coworker isn’t doing well or a BFF is struggling with something? Do you hug them or send a message, or just leave them alone? Using these science-backed ways to help people having a bad day from Shari’s Berries, you’ll find there are quick Read More