How To Overcome Not Feeling Good Enough

How To Overcome Not Feeling Good Enough

Do you ever find yourself feeling like what you do is never good enough? Which in turn makes you feel like you aren’t good enough and your whole life isn’t good enough? We may at times become so overwhelmed with the many goals and expectations that we place upon ourselves, that when we don’t achieve these, we begin to feel a sense of unworthiness or even failure. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of feeling not Read More

3 Tips For A Happy Life

3 Tips For A Happy Life

Before I used to think that happiness was something that I could only find outside of myself. I would say: “I will be happy once I have accomplished this or that”, but once I had achieved it I would just move on to the next thing. That was until I learned that everything that I need to be happy already existed within me, that realization made me see life and everything else in a whole new way. This means that Read More

How To Maintain Good Habits In 5 Simple Steps

How To Maintain Good Habits In 5 Simple Steps

Initially, I was thinking of writing about how to get rid of bad habits but to get rid of bad habits, first, you need to think about what good habits you can replace them with. So instead I decided to write about ways to start and maintain good habits. Is there a good habit that you’ve tried to start but find it hard to maintain? I know sometimes it could be difficult to maintain a good habit and make it stick. I Read More

How To Get Motivated Right Now

How To Get Motivated Right Now

This post contains affiliate links. You can read full disclosure policy here. Even if you are a positive and an optimistic person, there will be days when you will feel unmotivated and like doing nothing at all. Have you been feeling this way lately? We all feel that way at times and it can be hard to get excited and motivated again when you are being weighed down by this negative feeling. So I wanted to help you out by sharing Read More


5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

Spring time is officially here! 😀 and there are a lot of posts with great tips on how to spring clean your house. I decided to write a post on 5 ways that you can spring clean your life! 🙂 We all need to do this to improve our life and I wanted to share with you some strategic ways on how you can do so. 1. YOUR ENVIRONMENT Of course, I am going to start off with spring cleaning Read More

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How To Stay Focused

I love reading articles and watching videos on how to stay focused because we all need that reminder now and then. Everyone is so busy nowadays, and it’s important to make sure that we are busy doing things that truly matter in life and will benefit our lives. We can all get sidetracked and distracted by so many things that don’t really matter. So I have been trying my best to make a conscious effort to stay focused and today Read More


6 Ways To Bring Positivity Into Your Life

“A negative mind will never give you a positive life”  –unknown There is a lot of negativity in this world and it can be easy to fall into it but I have learned that there are things we can do to stay positive and live a positive life. Living a positive lifestyle doesn’t mean you will be feeling positive all the time but you are making a conscious effort to be positive and look for ways to bring positivity into Read More

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5 Things To Do On Sunday For A Better Week

In the past, on Sundays I would just go with the flow, I never really did anything productive. Now that I am married and work from home, I realized that I need to take advantage of Sunday’s to prepare for the week and get more organized. I wanted to share with you today how I now use Sunday’s more wisely and how it has benefited my entire week! So let’s start with the 5 things to do on Sunday for a Read More


3 Helpful Tips To Stay Disciplined

We all know we need discipline in order to better ourselves and our lives. It can be difficult to do when you have an overwhelming amount of responsibilities and distractions everywhere you look.  Having self-discipline is a great trait to acquire, it can help enable you to achieve your goals and feel a sense of accomplishment which in turn makes you feel much happier. Of course, this does not happen overnight; it is an ongoing process. So, today I will Read More


Lessons I’ve Learned in the Past Few Years

This is a guest post by Carlie Rice. Now that I’m out of college and in the “real world,” it’s nice to be able to look back and reflect on the time that I’d been away from my hometown and how I’ve grown as well as who I’ve become since I left. When I started college in New York City, I was this mild-mannered girl from a small beach town in New Jersey. I had no idea how subways worked Read More