3 Helpful Tips To Stay Disciplined

We all know we need discipline in order to better ourselves and our lives. It can be difficult to do when you have an overwhelming amount of responsibilities and distractions everywhere you look.  Having self-discipline is a great trait to acquire, it can help enable you to achieve your goals and feel a sense of accomplishment which in turn makes you feel much happier.

Of course, this does not happen overnight; it is an ongoing process. So, today I will be sharing three simple tips that have helped me to stay disciplined, and I hope that you try these out and practice these daily and see how your self-discipline will improve 🙂

3 Helpful Tips To Stay Disciplined

1. Stay Focused

Think of an area of your life that you need to improve on, is it your health? Your work? Do you need to achieve work/life balance?  Etc.

If you need more discipline in a particular area of your life, you need to have a clear focus on what it is you want to improve. Once you know, make sure to write down what you want to improve on and what you need to do in order to improve it.

Stay focused! Don’t let yourself get distracted and forget what you want to achieve because when you least expect it, a whole year will pass by and you didn’t achieve what you wanted to accomplish. And that is not a very good feeling, I speak from experience 😉

2. Schedule & Time Block

I am guilty of saying, “I am going to workout tomorrow.” But I never schedule time for it, and it usually never happens unless I actually block a specific time for it.

So, once you are focused and determined on what you want to improve on, take out your planner and schedule time during the day to only do that one thing.

For example, if you want to start working out then you could write down…


9am-10am: Stretch and Workout

Tip: Set an alarm as a reminder, so you don’t forget. Even if you don’t feel like doing it, just begin. Once you do this for several days, it will become a part of you and you won’t need a reminder.

3. Celebrate Your Wins

In order to STAY disciplined I think it’s important to celebrate your wins. It makes it more fun and exciting. For instance, I have a certain amount of articles that I needed to write for the week; I need to stay disciplined in order to get them all done. When I do, I make sure to celebrate my wins, no matter how small.

There are also certain days that I batch all my work, so I do a lot that one day so I can have other days free and to reward myself that day I usually like going out to my favorite restaurant with my husband, which means I don’t have to cook that day 😉

In conclusion, to stay disciplined, you need to stay focused, schedule and block time for it, and celebrate your wins. 

Do these three tips daily, and you will notice a vast improvement in your discipline, and you will feel self-accomplished and much happier.

Question For You:

What self-discipline tips do you have? I would love to know! 🙂


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21 thoughts on “3 Helpful Tips To Stay Disciplined

  1. Great tips! Scheduling is one of the biggest things I think. If I write it down, I’m either or going to do it or feel guilty not doing it. Thanks!

    • Yes I agree! and thank you very much for commenting 🙂

      Have a great day!


  2. Avatar Carlie says:

    Wait I really needed this!! I love writing everything down but usually mine is just a to do list of important stuff- not a list of everything I need to do and I think that will really come in handy.

    • Yes I have to write everything down, if not I forget everything! Hope it helps you out too 🙂


  3. Avatar Qudsiyah Remtulla says:

    Really helpful tips! I block out and schedule everything I have to do but sometimes it can be difficult to “get yourself” to do things. I suppose maybe that’s Something to push through? Ticking off items on my to do list is a great motivator. I use Trello for my business and make sure I make it colorful and nice to look at! Thank you for this post 🙂 x

    • I understand what you mean. It can be hard to feel motivated but what usually helps me is to think of the end result and that usually inspires me to push through 🙂

      I haven’t used Trello but I will have to check it out now, thank you!! ♡


  4. Yes! I love that you included celebrating wins! Doing that gets me pretty motivated to get my butt in gear! Thanks for sharing!

    • Lol Yes I agree!!

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


    • Thank you very much! It always helps me out so I am sure it will help you too 😉

      Have a great day! ?


    • Thanks for sharing Lisa! 🙂 Let me know how it goes ♡


  5. Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts! As a naturally disorganized person, I have definitely been trying to take up as many tips and tricks for personal discipline as I can. It’s so important to be good stewards of our time, and your post will be a help for me in that! Thank you so much!! You’re a blessing!

    • This is so sweet of you… thank you so much! So happy this helped you ♡

      Thank you for your kind comment Cassidy 🙂


  6. Avatar Danielle says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I definitely need to be more disciplined in a hand full of areas. Do yoga everyday no matter what, find work from home jobs, and pray every day.

    • Thank you Danielle ♡ Yes there are areas in my life that I need to better too! One step at a time 🙂


    • Yes definitely Kylie! 🙂

      Have a great day beautiful ?


    • Aw thank you for your comment! Have a lovely day 🙂

  7. Avatar Connie @essentiallybroken says:

    This is definitely what I have the most problems with…i have my whole day mapped out and then all the sudden something happens to throw something out of whack and I am completely frazzled and can’t get it back together. This week it was strep throat…who knows what next week will bring.

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