How To Be Organized To Improve Your Life

“Organization isn’t about perfection, it’s about efficiency, reducing stress, saving money, time, and improving your overall quality of life.”

How To Stay Organized To Improve Your Life

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The benefits of having a planner are many; it can help you stay organized months in advance. It can help you to remember important things like when your bills are due, a special event, an important appointment/meeting or simple everyday things.

A planner can also be useful to write down your goals and by when you want to accomplish them. It helps you to be organized in your family life, work life, your home, and daily responsibilities.


Having a to-do list is different than having a planner. A to-do list will help you not forget the little things. Since there is only a limited amount of space in a planner, you might not be able to write down everything you have to do each day.

What helps me is to make a to-do list every night for the following day, some people write their to-do list every morning. You can do whatever works best for you.

Something that can help is to write down 3 or as many important things you want to get done that day and accomplish those first. That helps the day go by smoothly because you don’t have to worry about them anymore and now you can focus on the other simple tasks you have for that day.


Organizing your finances is very important, that way you can stay out of debt, and you can save money for the important things in life. Creating your own finance chart can help you stay organized and can help you accomplish your financial goal.

We made our finance chart in Microsoft Excel, and it has helped us to stay financially organized and not go beyond our means. Build your chart to help you know how much to set aside for bills, how much you can set aside for savings, and for other necessities. There are also very helpful finance/budget apps that can help you keep your finances organized. What can also help is to have a finance notebook like this one.

A tip is to always put money in the savings first after calculating all your bills and then you will know how much you have to spend on going out. Remember, it’s always better to sacrifice the ordinary things in life to be able to get the extraordinary.


Simplifying your life can help you obtain more time, money, and peace of mind. Sometimes having too many material things end up complicating our life instead of bettering it.

If you have things in your home, workplace, and a car that you have wanted to get rid of now is the time. Get rid of things that you don’t need or don’t find useful anymore; it will save you time cleaning and organizing because you will have fewer things to have to organize.

Also by not buying things that you don’t need, it will help you save money in the long run. It will also give you peace of mind because the less clutter you have in your overall life, the more calm and peaceful you will feel.

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I know most of these tips some of you knew already while others didn’t. It’s good to be reminded since being organized is a daily thing, and we can sometimes be so busy that we don’t make time for it. It happens to all of us.

So I hope this inspired you to live a more organized life!

What tips do you have to be organized in your life?

Hope you have a beautiful day! 🙂



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  1. Hello blogger ! I read your posts everyday and i
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    • Thank you very much! I really appreciate it 🙂


  2. Great tips! I’ve got the to-do lists and planning down, but currently struggle with finances/budgeting. So much harder for two people than one! But this is a good reminder to get that done…

    • Yes, I agree! I am glad this was a good reminder for you Evelyne 🙂

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