Where I Find My Blog Post Inspiration

5 Helpful Tips To Find Inspiration To Blog

Finding inspiration for blog posts doesn’t have to be difficult and drawn out; regrettably, I did not understand this when I first started my blogging journey. In the beginning, I was so focused on coming up with absolutely perfect blogging content that I hardly had time to perform the other hundred tasks that successful blogging demands.

Blogging content is so important, yet high-quality content that reflects who you are is even more valuable, but it isn’t always easy to come up with these ideas.

Nevertheless, I have my preferred methods I use when I am seeking out inspiration to create content.

I believe everyone can benefit from these techniques and tips I use to discover what truly can inspire them to create their best most authentic content.

1. Reading, Reading, Reading

I love reading all types of materials to gain inspiration; this includes other bloggers posts but additionally biographies, short stories, current trending news articles, and more. I can find inspiration for my own content from all different types of sources. This is why I strongly suggest writers, bloggers, anyone who needs creative inspiration to do what they love; to search all over for their inspiration. Sometimes my best work comes from inspiration that has nothing to do with my blogging niche or my common interests.

2. Go Outside

There truly is nothing like going outside and taking in the nice fresh air. Along with this, it’s nice to get away from the computer from time to time. Now, this can become tricky during winter if it’s too cold to go outside. In this situation, I still like to get out and go somewhere whether it’s the mall, museum, library, Starbucks, anything I feel like that day (and this changes often.)

3. Don’t Compare Your Content to Others

 Today there is a huge number of exceptional bloggers and content out there. It’s normal for bloggers to look at other successful bloggers and simply think that their content is much better than their own. While it is great to have role models and admire their work; it’s wrong to compare your content to theirs in the process. Why? Because yeah; there is always going to be someone producing better content than you are just like anything else in life. Also, comparing your accomplishments to anyone else’s will leave you feeling bad about yourself; this is why I enjoy reading other’s work when searching for inspiration, but I continuously remind myself not let someone else’s journey affect my own.

4. Do Spontaneous Things

You can be spontaneous by yourself or with other people; it doesn’t matter! Doing new, spontaneous things can inspire you in brand-new ways which result in brand-new blogging content. This technique has unquestionably sparked some of my best ideas. Heck, even starting my blog was a spontaneous act of mine!

5. Reflect Goals and Dreams

When I sense myself having problems finding inspiration to write it helps me to remember what my goals and dreams are and what they mean to. I find inspiration when I recognize just how much my actions each day are either pushing me closer to reaching my goal or pushing me further away from it.

The fundamental point I want to make is that you can’t force real inspiration. There is never going to be a ‘one-way works every time solution’ to find your inspiration to create excellent content. Nonetheless, I do use these preferred methods when I am seeking out inspiration to create content and they have all helped me tremendously!

Dominique Bagnoche is a lifestyle, beauty, and travel blogger finding her way as well as a college student studying finance. She works to express the power she believes we all have concerning our daily thoughts and what we do with our minds to create a happy, fulfilling life for ourselves. She further enjoys showcasing her passion for all things involving makeup, fashion, and traveling the world. In a society full of people equipped to inform you why you should be dissatisfied or unhappy, Dominique enjoys showing people on her website dombagnoche.com why they are wrong; despite the circumstances!


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10 thoughts on “Where I Find My Blog Post Inspiration

  1. Needed this today…Just not getting the words on the page. thanks!

  2. I think comparing yourself to other bloggers can be good – thinking what they’re doing that works, what I can do better and stuff like that. Doesn’t have to be mimicking, but improving by using other people’s experiences.

  3. Great tips! I find inspiration from everything and I love it when I pass something and have suddenly thought of a great concept!

  4. Avatar Jennifer says:

    Great tips! I especially agree with #3 🙂

  5. Awesome post, these tips are spot on! Totally agree that sometimes taking a break and getting outside can really help refuel the writing.

  6. Avatar Zera Zoya says:

    I’m just like you when it comes to reading, reading, and reading! 😀 Sometimes to the point of not getting any work done XD But I still firmly believe in gathering inspiration by reading what others have to say.

    I know it’s really tempting to compare yourself to others but, I let role models be just that. I have learned that my role models are already there, and over-comparing will just drag down my morale.

    And yes, every time I do something for my blog or related I always remember that it’s another step forward to reaching my goals. I love how you have written about the best of things; I’m able to relate to all of these!

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