5 Steps To Achieve Your Goals In Life

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Have you ever wondered how some people are always successful in achieving their goals? Do you have a lot of goals but yet are not able to reach any of them? Or you might achieve some goals, but there is that one huge goal that seems impossible to accomplish? We have all been there.

Here I’m going to share five steps you can do to achieve any goal, no matter how big or small!

5 Steps To Achieve Your Goals In Life


Be Clear and Specific on Your Goal & WHY You Want To Accomplish It

If you have any goal, you need to get clear on what you want to achieve and why. Many people try to make certain goals in their life just because everyone else is doing them, not because that’s what they truly desire. In order to be able to accomplish a goal you need to know your why. 

So, you will have to sincerely ask yourself why you want to achieve your goal. It has to be a strong why, because that is what will keep you motivated to not give up.

Focus On The Process

When you have a big goal, it might sometimes feel that it is impossible to achieve. If you break it down by making a plan on How and What you need to accomplish, your goal won’t be as challenging. Take the time to write down small steps that you will need to take, steps that will get you closer to achieving that goal. You can think of these as smaller goals that you can achieve daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly, to overall accomplish your main goal.

Instead of overwhelming yourself with wanting to get everything done right now, but yet not even knowing where or how  to start, try keeping your focus on the process that you need to take to get there. For example, if you want to get fit and start exercising early in the morning, then you can write down what you want to do and the actions you will need to take to make it happen:

Exercise every morning

My Action Steps:

  1. Sleep earlier
  2. Have workout clothes laid out and ready the night before
  3. Set up alarm
  4. etc …

These are examples of small steps you need to take to get closer to your goal.

Change Your Habits and Create A New Routine

I think this is the hardest part for all of us when it comes to achieving a new goal. We have to change our current habits, habits that we are comfortable with, in order to create a new routine that will help us achieve our goal. The good thing is that if you keep up with your new routine at some point it will become your daily habit.

It’s good to ask yourself, what can I do today to get me closer to achieving my goal? What can I do this week? This month? You might want to write all this information down in your notebook or planner. Because it’s harder to accomplish a goal if you just think about it in your head but never actually write down a plan for it.

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Set A Deadline

 There are goals that have no deadline, goals that will turn into a lifestyle. Like health and fitness. But if your goal is to finish a certain project then putting a deadline will help you achieve that goal.

Because instead of just taking your time and thinking you have enough time to achieve that goal, you will be more disciplined because you know you have until a certain date to accomplish it.

Commit To Your Goal and Never Give up

I know how hard it can be sometimes to start something and want to give up after you see how challenging it is. But if you just push through that hard time, you will get closer to your end goal and you will achieve it!

There will be days when you will feel unmotivated and might not do anything that day that will help you get closer to your goal, but don’t let that discourage you! See everyday as a fresh new start. Just because yesterday you weren’t able to stay focused or be productive, it  doesn’t mean that today can’t be different. Everyday is a new opportunity to keep pursuing your goals, so never give up!

5 Steps on how to achieve your goalsSummary

Everyone has goals that they want to achieve. In order to succeed, you need to know why you want to attain that goal; be committed to always follow through and never give up even when you feel discouraged. Continue growing as the creative individual that you are and set forth to accomplish all your dreams and goals.

Learn to enjoy the process and the journey while getting closer to your goal. Don’t wait to enjoy life or to be happy until you achieve that goal. Be happy now and enjoy every moment of it. Once you reach that goal it should be an added bonus to your current happiness!

What goal have you accomplished that you are proud of? What helps you achieve your goals? 🙂


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