6 Effective Tips On How To Wake Up Early

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By waking up early, you get more done during the day, and you feel more productive and accomplished. It has been proven that waking up earlier increases your happiness level. But for some people, it’s difficult for them to wake up early, especially if you are a night owl and love sleeping (like I do 😉 ).

I have done plenty of research on tips to wake up early, and I will be sharing with you some tips that are very effective. I know many of you are go getters and want to accomplish as much as you can during the day but you find it hard to wake up earlier. So here are some tips that can help you out with that! 🙂


1. Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode

Putting your cell phone on airplane mode before you go to bed will not only block out notifications, texts, emails, and calls but it will also prevent radiation to disturb your sleep. By blocking out the network connection, you also block out the radiation. Radiation interferes with your sleep pattern and with your bodies ability to heal itself throughout the night. Both my husband and I put our phones in airplane mode before bed, and we noticed we feel better rested when waking up.

Airplane mode doesn’t turn off your alarm, so don’t worry about that 🙂

2. Try Not To Eat After 8pm

This is a hard one for me because I love eating all day long. But I do sleep a lot better when I don’t eat late.

So if you  love food like me, try your best not to eat after 8 pm, that way your body will be done digesting your food by the time you go to bed. This will help your body focus on repairing itself, instead of trying to digest your food. You will sleep better, and you will feel well rested in the morning.

3. Stay Active During The Day

You can either walk, jog, stretch, workout, dance, etc. Doing something active during the day gives you more energy and helps you sleep better at night. It also gets you into better shape, so when you wake up early you won’t feel so tired in the morning, and instead, you will feel more energy.

4. Have Your Clothes Ready The Day Before

It can be mentally exhausting and time consuming to think of what to wear for the day. Pick out your clothes the night before and have it laid out and ready for you in the morning. It will help you save some time in the morning if you are always rushing to work or school.

5. Clean Your Bedroom Before Going To Bed

By having your room clean and clutter free before bed; you will get much better sleep. It will also make it easier for you to wake up because your bedroom won’t be messy and cluttered.

Tip: Wash your sheets and invest in a good mattress to get enough sleep every night.

6. Wake Up At The Same Time Everyday

If you are trying to wake up earlier; you should do it gradually. Try waking up 15 minutes earlier for a couple of days until your body gets used to it and keep doing this until you achieve the time you desire. Changing your sleeping pattern can be hard, so by changing it gradually, it will be better than if you try waking up an hour earlier every day. Then continue waking up at that time every day, after some period your body will become used it, and it will wake up at the same time on its own 🙂

Tip: Put your alarm across the room so that you won’t hit snooze 😉


Although this might take you some time, be patient with yourself and don’t expect to be an early riser overnight, for some people, it will be harder to achieve than others.

I would like to end this post with a quote that always motivates me to wake up early…

“Every morning you have two choices: Continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.”

-Author Unknown


What tips do you have to wake up early? Let us know! Your comment might help someone else who reads it 🙂

With Love,



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11 thoughts on “6 Effective Tips On How To Wake Up Early

  1. Avatar Simone says:

    Hello Janett,

    I like your tip! I I need to try it with putting my phone on airplane mode. I always turn the net off but that doesn’t turn the radiation off.

    I always not only have my clothes ready but also everything else. Before I go to bed I pack my bag with all things I need, fill my lunch box with food , prepare the breakfast table with the plates and cups I need and also get my coffee mashine ready so I just need to click the button next morning to have my fresh hot coffee, so I can go to bed in peace and just get up and focus on getting ready and not have to worry about anything.

    I also make my bed every morning because it looks much more welcoming and friendly to get back after a long day and it feels so much better to go to a bed that is ready for you to sleep in there than to go to bed that challenges you to organize your bed sheets first.

    Love, Simone

    • That is awesome Simone! You have everything set and ready. Such great tips! ???? and yes making the bed makes a huge difference.

      Thanks so much for sharing that, I’m sure someone who reads it will surely benefit from it! ????

      Take care and have an amazing day ????

      -Janett ♡

      • Avatar Simone says:

        Hi Janett,

        thank you for your lovely response ????

        I really tried it with the airplane mode on Wednesday and woke up so refreshed the next day. I do it every night now and I feel the difference.

        Thank your for that great advice!

        Have a wonderful day! ????

        Cheers, Simone

        • Aw you are so sweet Simone ♡ I am so happy you tried it and it helped you out! ????

          Thank you for your letting me know. I also hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂

          With love,
          Janett ????

  2. Avatar Sarah says:

    I currently put my phone on ‘do not disturb’ overnight but never thought about the radiation! Thanks for the tip, I’ll be switching to airplane mode from now on. 🙂

    • You’re welcome Sarah! Glad you found something useful! 🙂

      – Janett 🙂

  3. Wow, that’s so crazy, I TOTALLY feel like I get a better night’s sleep when I’m sleeping in a clean room. Definitely going to be adding this to my routine throughout the day. Turning my phone on airplane mode will be so beneficial, honestly! Facebook can suck you in, and before you know it, you’ve been laying there for 2 hours scrolling through your newsfeed, ha! I really had no idea about the radiation affecting sleep though!! Thank you so much for sharing <3

    • Thank you so much for your comment! ???? Yes so true! Social media can easily distract me too lol

      Hope it helps you get a better night sleep ♡

      Have a wonderful day Savannah! ????

      ~Janett ♡

  4. Avatar Tereza says:

    Totally agree with all your tips. I used to be so good at it but since I’ve been working from home it’s been just really bad. I still wake up really early (6-7) but I’m absolutely shattered because I go to bed really late (working until 1am sometimes ugh). Really need to get into a better routine! x

  5. Avatar Lucie says:

    I started using airplane mode and it’s quite good. Also, I definitely have to have a clean room before I go sleep. 🙂

    Lucie | http://www.inbluebox.com

  6. Avatar Mwanamkuu says:

    Thanks so much from tomorrow i will follow your advice .I am so interesting on dinner not extend time up to 8pm i think thats the real ploblem of mine.

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