Choose Happy: Daily Actions Toward Contentment (or at least more of it)

Guest Post From Emily Prout From Arrow It Forward.

Choose Happy- Daily Actions Toward Contentment

Happiness is a choice. Some days it’s an easier choice, and some days you are forcing a smile while your toddler yells that they wanted the PURPLE bowl. The thing to remember is that every situation has a reaction which you are in charge of and with practice (and proof of what it does for you) your knee-jerk reaction can be like the Staples “easy” button….CHOOSE HAPPY.

Here are some actions you can incorporate into your daily life to make this easier:

Compliment those around you (bonus points if it’s a stranger)

When you make someone smile, it does something good for your soul. Just ask your local liquor store cashier, they have picked up on this. I’m 35, I know you don’t need to check my ID, but I am totally willing to let your “innocent” question put me on cloud nine for a week, knowing full well the lovely cashier is bottling up a bit of that feeling and putting it in their pocket. So when you love someone’s purse TELL THEM. When you see a kid using manners (often too rare a sighting) high five their parent. When you see something on Facebook that makes you stop scrolling, take the time to comment. It’s often these simple things that can brighten someone’s day and in turn shine some light on your own.

Put on your favourite music (the louder, the better)

When you start channeling your inner Grumpy Dwarf (I’ve passed a mirror and recoiled at my face set in an actual frown), move directly to the closest CD player. This is not the time for someone to judge your taste in music. Put on Spice Girls, the Bangles, the Beatles (though no one would judge this choice if you do feel like playing it a tad safe)…whatever get’s you back to YOU, you can’t frown while shaking your booty, it’s a proven science.

Write down five things you are grateful for (don’t just write ice cream five times)

I started doing this last year, and it has really helped. It makes you pause, reflect, and often the list doesn’t stop at five because you start thinking of the positive things in your life. This mindset shift can help set the tone of the rest of the day, elevate your mood and make you let it go…. “Let it Go!!” Just like Elsa. You are now Elsa.

Take 72 selfies until you get “the one” (just PLEASE no duck lips)

We ALL do it. And there’s something to be said about posting a great pic of yourself and having friends and family tell you how great you look (WARNING: even though it can be tempting, do NOT do this every day….throw some cat pictures or shots of what you are eating for lunch in the middle of all that). There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel beautiful, so figure out your favourite filter and snap snap snap away!

Make a bed on the floor (what else are we supposed to do with the 17 blankets we have rolled up in baskets??)

If I were a gambling woman, I would bet that this is where we all want to be at least a few times a week, even high paid executives. I picture them all pulling out their secret bunny slippers and layering five comforters on their gleaming mahogany. There’s nothing quite like snuggling with your loved ones surrounded by every single pillow in the house. We feel safe, relaxed and like our true selves. Yes, we will have to put all of those pillows away….but no, don’t think of that! Stay in the moment; you NEED this, you are choosing this instead of zipping around the house straightening remote controls and commenting on shoes in front of the door. This is better; this is good….happy.

These don’t sound too difficult right? I didn’t tell you to start meditating or anything (you can breathe a sigh of relief). Small things add up, there WILL be impact on your life. What are YOUR small things? I would love to hear what has helped you pull not quite as much hair out of your head….I really needed to stop, I was worried I would pull the diminishing brown instead of the gray.

My name is Emily Prout and I am busy mom of two with a passion to bring you validation, humour and a sense of community. My blogging has brought me back to ME and my vision with my company Arrow It Forward is to help others launch into their imagined lives, to try something new and see where it will take them!

12 thoughts on “Choose Happy: Daily Actions Toward Contentment (or at least more of it)

  1. These are such great tips, I love the photography you used in this post! I found your blog on the Blogging 101 group on Facebook and am so glad I did, your posts are so positive and inspirational 🙂

    • You are so sweet! Thank you so much ♡ I am so glad you enjoyed this guest post.

      Have a lovely day! ????


    • Glad you liked the tips!! Isn’t Janett great?! #womenempoweringwomen

    • So kind of you Susana! Thanks for your sweet words ????

      Janett ????

  2. Thank you for these great ideas! I especially love the idea of complimenting other people. I have noticed I always feel better and happier when I do that. 🙂

    • Yes I agree! By making someone else feel good, it will make you feel happy as well ♡

      Thanks for commenting Deena ☺

      Janett ♡

    • Thanks for reading Deena! I starter questioning why I would THINK something nice about and not SAY it, seems silly doesn’t it?! Your comment is much appreciated! 🙂

  3. Avatar Tereza says:

    Haha this is brilliant! Especially the selfie bit – I wish everyone just admitted to it, everyone takes bloody selfies! Xx

    • Lol Yes so true! ???? thanks for commenting! ♡

      Janett ????

    • Glad you got a chuckle at the selfie bit!! 😉 I do it often enough but still have the decency to feel embarrassed if I have my phone volume on and my husband can hear the camere capture sound from the other room…..I’m like darn I was trying to be secretive about my selfie attempts lol. For more of my random ramblings head to
      Thanks for reading!

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