Helpful Tips On How To De-Stress At Any Moment

“Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles; it takes away today’s peace.”

Feeling stressed is something so common in this world. I have found that reading articles about how to de-stress always help me and give me new ideas on how I can de-stress. So I decided to make my own in hopes that it will help you as well! Here are 4 ways on how to de-stress at any moment…

How To De-Stress At Any Moment

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Deep breathing is something so simple but yet critical for your well-being. If you ever find yourself stressed, you will realize you are taking very shallow breaths. When you become aware of that, take the time to stop and take slow deep breaths for at least 3 to 5 minutes. The great thing about it is that you can do it wherever you are.

If you are REALLY stressed, it might be better to take some time out of your day and just close your eyes and take deep breaths for as long as you need. It will help you feel calmer and regain your composure.


Relaxing music can also be an excellent way to calm you down. Listening to relaxing music will help you feel less fatigued, less stressed, less anxious and can make you more productive and creative. You can listen to relaxing music while you shower, while you’re in traffic, while you work(if you can), and when you just need to relax and calm your mind.


This is something my husband and I love doing almost every day. Walking in nature has many benefits not just reducing stress, but it lifts up your mood, you breathe in the fresh, clean air, it improves brain function, and it increases blood circulation in the body. It helps you to unwind and de-clutter your mind.

You can either take a walk, jog, hike, whatever you’d prefer and find more enjoyable! 🙂


Stress always starts with your thoughts. So be conscious of your thoughts and how you feel, that’s the only way to stop stress before it gets out of control.

I always remind myself that stressing or worrying is not going to make any problem or challenge go away. So when you start feeling stressed, remember you have the power to choose if you will let it control you, or if you will control it.

A book that has helped me and that I recommend is Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson. This book was truly life changing and can help you not stress out over life problems that we cannot control.

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There are plenty of other ways to de-stress that I didn’t mention like laughter, spending time with friends and family, starting a hobby, aromatherapy, taking a bath, reading, etc. What’s important is to do what works for you and not forget to pay attention to your thoughts and how you feel so you can take the time to do things that will help you de-stress.

What tips do you have to de-stress? Would love for you to share it! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Helpful Tips On How To De-Stress At Any Moment

  1. I think being conscious of my feelings and not bottling them up truly helps. The more we keep inside, the closer we are to erupting into a volcano of stress. Talking them out or writing them down is a great release for me.

    • Yes that is so true! When I was younger I would always keep things in and it just makes you unhappy. Letting it out is defenetly a huge help.
      Thank you so much for sharing that Meagan! ♡

      -Janett ♡

  2. Avatar Jasper says:

    Yes I agree. They build in my head for three or four days until I blow up. Then cry. Also cry after I’ve been mad. Sometimes thinking of my feelings I get a panic attack.

    • Yes, holding things in does build up. It’s good to let out what you are feeling, whether that is telling someone you trust or just simply writing down all your feelings. It feels like a huge relief has been lifted off your shoulders. Also some people might think crying is bad, but from the research I have done, crying is also a good way to let all your feelings out. I really hope this post helped you out in someway! Thank you very much for your comment and for sharing that!

      I hope you have an amazing and peaceful day! 🙂


  3. Avatar Jess says:

    Fab post and tips you have here! I find breathing particularly useful when I’m feeling a bit anxious or stressed out. It can really help focus when everything is getting a bit much. Keep up the food work!

    • Thank you! ♡

      Yes I agree! Deep breathing helps so much when you feel stressed or overwelmed.

      I just checked out your blog and it has such good information! You keep up the great work too Jess! ????

      Thanks for commenting.

      -Janett ????

  4. Avatar wb says:

    I have a 5 minute sand timer. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I flip it over watching the sand trickle down and breathe when the 5 minutes is up, I drink a glass of water of a cup of tea. I’m much calmer just thinking about it.

    • That does really sound relaxing! Thanks for sharing that good tip with us 🙂

  5. Avatar Mad says:

    Definitely needed these tips! I also find that I respond well to aromatherapy and a nice cup of tea. 🙂

    • Yes same here! I love essential oils and drinking some yummy tea 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  6. Avatar Alee @ The Beautified Life says:

    Great tips! I suffer from a severe anxiety disorder and panic disorder, and I find deep breathing can sometimes help. Also going to for a walk can take my mind off how I’m feeling sometimes

    • Thank you! And aw yes anxiety is no joke, I am glad walking helps you out! Walking in nature can be so calming.

      Thanks so much for sharing, Alee 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful week!


  7. For me it’s music….which can totally change your mood (impromptu kitchen dance parties with the kids help), as well as making lists to get my brain organized about what I am stressing about. Awesome post to make us stop and think about this, so important!

    • Thank you so much Emily! Letting everything out in paper is such a great tip 🙂 And yes music can change your mood! Your dance parties with your kids sounds like fun 😀

      Thanks for commenting Emily 🙂


  8. My favourite de-stressing methods are listening to a relaxing music and walking in nature!

    • Same here 🙂 Walking in nature is one of my favorites! Relaxing music is always a great way to de-stress as well. Thanks for sharing!


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