5 Ways To Be More Productive In Your Life

Trying to be productive in your life every day is something we all struggle with. In most cases, some days will be very productive, while other days might lack productivity. We would all like to be productive every day, so my goal is for you to be able to read this and learn something new or get inspired to become more productive! We can’t control everything that happens in life, but we CAN control how productive we can be.

In order to be productive, we cannot wait for the “perfect moment” to start. We have to create that perfect moment ourselves in order to make it happen.

Here is the first thing you can do to be more productive…

5 Ways To Be More Productive

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You need to feel good and energized in order to be productive because without energy you won’t get much done. Make sure to sleep enough hours, drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods that energize you, work out, walk, run, stretch, deep breath. Whatever helps you feel healthy and vital!

This will help get you in the right mindset to get things done for the day.


Next, is to clean up your space. Having your desk or workstation messy will NOT help to keep you focused throughout the day. Clean up your area and make sure you only have the essentials that you need to get your project or task done.

In order to create a good working environment I enjoy having my desk clean, a cup of tea or coffee, my computer, maybe some music and get to writing! I like creating the perfect moment instead of waiting for the perfect moment to happen. Because that perfect moment might not ever come. So create it yourself! 🙂


We sometimes make it harder on ourselves to get things done because we simply just don’t start! The hardest part is just starting. Once you begin, you realize that it’s not as hard as you thought it would be.

For example, you might dread doing something, and you just keep putting it off for later but subconsciously it’s still in the back of your head. You find yourself not being able to enjoy the day knowing you have to get it done. So by just starting and getting it out-of-the-way sooner you will feel accomplished and you will enjoy your day.


Distraction, distraction… getting distracted is so easy with all the social media apps, emails, etc. You have to be in control of this because distraction can rob too much of your time. I have gotten better at this, and I know you can too! Set your priorities and stick to them.

Instead of distracting yourself, plan out your days and get things done. Of course, you should still take breaks and have your ‘me time’ if you need it. Just don’t let unimportant things consume you and then realize that you didn’t complete what you had to achieve.


If you just work and work, at some point you will feel tired and drained. Whatever you work in, you need to learn to work smarter, not harder. By working smarter you get back more time in your day, and you learn to get things done faster and more efficient.

You will stand out from the rest that is so busy working hard and getting nowhere. People that work smarter take time off for themselves. They reward themselves when they accomplish something because that keeps them motivated. They take care of their health and family. They learn to say no, because accepting everything that comes their way would overwhelm them. They set their priorities and get them done.

Something that can help is to get a productivity planner like this one. I personally use it and my productivity has improved tremendously. Making me feel accomplished at the end of the day, which is a great feeling.


These are my 5 ways to become more productive! It’s one thing to know how to be productive and another to actually put into practice. By putting these methods into practice, you will notice your productivity will improve.

Which one would you like to put into practice? What tips can you give to be more productive? Maybe you can help someone who reads your comment! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “5 Ways To Be More Productive In Your Life

  1. Avatar Kathryn says:

    Yes! I so agree particularly with the “just start”! It’s the hardest part for me then I get rollin’ and it’s waaaay easier from there! Great articles and tips! Thank you for this!

    • Yes just starting is the hardest part but once you start the rest flows so easily 🙂 Thank you for commenting Kathryn!
      I hope you have a lovely day 🙂

  2. I always find that I am not very productive when my area is cluttered and unattractive.
    These are great tips, thanks.
    I also remember coming upon this app called Pomodoro that also helped me to keep to set times for different activities and a break in between.
    I find that as bloggers we do need to block out time for different activities, rather than working haphazardly.

    • I agree with you! I am going to have to check out the app that you mentioned, it sounds very helpful 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us!

  3. I always try to tell myself to work smarter in order to be productive and less stressed out! Thanks for sharing these tips!

    • Same here! Being more productive definitely helps me to feel less stressed. Thanks for your comment Lanae 🙂

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