Simple Resolutions That Will Revitalize Your Mind, Body & Soul

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Simple Resolutions That Will Revitalize Your Mind, Body & Soul

In our lives, there is always this… tension. The rush, the strain, the growing anxiety as we struggle to maintain some semblance of control in all the stress. Even when we’re resting, there’s this nagging feeling at the back of our head that keeps telling us we should be doing something, that we shouldn’t just laze around.

So, the tension builds and we grow weary and frustrated, and as a consequence, our mind, body, and soul suffer. But it doesn’t really have to be like that. There are ways to reduce stress, to feel better, and to finally start some good habits that will help you throughout life. All you need are some good resolutions to help you change your ways.

Avoid Snoozing

The three alarms you have set up in the morning aren’t really doing you any favors. You may think you’re the kind of person who needs snoozing to wake up in the morning, but in truth, it’s a self-perpetuating habit that’s only encouraged when you keep letting your body know that it doesn’t need to wake up right away, it can keep dozing for a few more alarms. However, if you just keep getting up at the same time each morning your body will establish a natural pattern and make it easier for yourself to get up without that heavy feeling of grogginess.

Go Green

Veggies are your friends, people. They’re packed with nutrition and energy and sometimes eating healthy is as simple as eating more leafy green vegetables. Cut down on sugar and learn how to cook – it’s fun! Then make your own meals in advance and you’ll be saving a ton of bucks in addition to staying toned and healthy.

Be A Kinder Person

Gossip is fun, and in a way, completely harmless and natural. However, bear in mind that each negative thing you say doesn’t affect solely the person it’s aimed at – It’s going to come back and bite you in the bum. It nurtures a very toxic mindset that will make you focused on flaws, which will ultimately make you see yourself in a more negative light as well. You don’t have to be polite, or even sweet, but be kind, both to your peers and yourself.

Become A Fitness Lover

Are you eager for some gym time? No? Well, then you need to modify your workout! Even the most determined person won’t stick to a schedule if they find their fitness plan to be obscenely boring, so it’s time to make it fun. Put together a fantastic playlist with your favorite upbeat tunes, get dressed in your cutest exercise clothes, and grab some pre-workout supplements that will increase the effectiveness of your training. It’s important to get into the right mindset where you stop seeing exercise as a chore, but something that’s actually quite fun and good for your body.

Treat Your Skin With Care

You and your skin are royalty and nothing less is acceptable. Want that natural radiance and beauty? Then it’s important to know all the steps to a glowing skincare routine that will nourish, soften, and make your face clear and lovely. Just be consistent and results will come.

Learn When To Take A Step Back

Whether it’s your boss piling task after task on your already crowded schedule or the strain of chores and tension at home, it’s important to know when to breathe in, and then pause. Take a step back, say no, and rest. Care for your mental wellbeing. Whether you love to relax with a good book or through meditation, remember that self-care is important and needed to help you get rid of stress and keep you strong. Don’t let things keep piling up on your shoulders, it will make you frustrated, depressed, and helpless. Surround yourself with good people, let go of the ones who are constantly putting you down, and seek help when you need it.

Most of all, it’s important to know and love ourselves. Know your own limits, but know your own strengths as well. Willpower comes from confidence, so smile and remember all the great things about yourself, remember how strong you can be.

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  1. Good article! The last point has been especially hard for me to learn but I’m getting there slowly. Have to take care of yourself first!

  2. Avatar Vox says:

    I love these suggestions! We all need to guard our men tans physical well being and this is a great way to do it. Thanks for sharing. 😀

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